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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About 3G Experience.....

Discover the exciting world of 3G.
Now DO the new with 3G, at a refreshingly fast pace. 3G is an all-new way to experience life on the go!
Life on 3G is definitely fastera, richer & exciting. your mobile phone is no more just a device that makes calls - it''''s a TV, a theatre, a gaming console and a satellite camera all at once. Do much more with your smartphone than you ever imagined!
3G translates into a richer experience at blazing speeds, all on the go!

Real-time face-to-face Video Calling

Now don''''t just hear, but also see your family and friends live as they speak to you, from miles away!

Real-time streaming of music & videos

No more counting minutes till the video you wish to view downloads. Enjoy streaming music & video.

Live TV on your mobile

With 3G, you can now carry your TV on your mobile phone wherever you go! Watch live TV streaming T20, movies or your favorite sitcoms.

Download & play rich 3D Games

Gaming on mobile is no more restricted to the basic Snake & Tetris. 3G takes mobile gaming to a new scale by enabling richer graphics, applications and network gaming.

Faster email exchange with large attachments

Now email, chat, surf, browse, all on the go, at the speed of thought! Share your life as it happens, not just in status messages but in pictures & videos as well no matter how heavy the file is!

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