Sunday, October 31, 2010

Which web browser you use to surf internet??

Let's Check Which is the BEST : -
Even today majority of the users use the default Windows browser Internet Explorer to surf the internet even though there are much better alternatives available. Here is the list of browsers I would recommend my readers to use. The list is sorted in descending order according to my preference.
* Manan *

  1. Mozilla Firefox: It is the best open source alternative for the IE users. It is faster, it is safer and more customizable than any other browser available on the net. There are thousands of add-ons available for the users to select from. Just think what you want your browser to do and you will find it in the add-ons gallery. The only problem with this browser is it requires more memory to run which sometimes becomes problem on systems with limited resources.
  2. Google Chrome: Another open source browser developed and maintained by Big G – Google itself. There are reports claiming that this is the fastest browser in the market as of now. As it is new, there are still many things in which it is far behind from Firefox.  But there is no doubt it is going to beat all its competitors sooner or later and from my point of view chrome is the best browser.
  3. Safari: Safari is the default browser for mac computers and is available for Windows users as well. From my experience I can say this is the most stable browser I have ever used. The browser looks really good with its simple and elegant design. It is not as fast as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome but still it can be a good alternative to IE. One problem is that you can not customize the look of this browser which sometimes is the reason why people choose other browsers over this.
  4. Opera: Last but not the least Opera. Opera is back in the competition with it’s latest versions which includes some extraordinary features like Opera Turbo. Opera Turbo is a technology implemented in the latest versions of the Opera browsers which when enabled allows the users with slow network connections to surf the internet with more speed.

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