Monday, June 2, 2014

As you celebrate your day, I celebrate the beautiful friendship we share! Happy Birthday, dearest friend!

To My sugar cane/ nik/ Pigou

Firstly, Wish you a very happy b’day… as I am not there, have to make it senti here only ;)


When we first met at choice I thought u might be some padhaku genius kinda person…. And specially that time keeper thing made it even real… :p
                Initially you were literally my fire-briged k when ever I and disha had some difference u were there to set the things back on trek… And FYI all these things are happening bcz I didn’t get chance to celebrate your b’day last time so this time its cumulative effect… ;)
                And as expected I am the first to celebrate ur birthday…may be I should make an effidavite to set my birthday as 3rd june only… ;) so every year we can celebrate it with a big bang… Every day when I wake up first thing what I see is ur good morning or if u are not awake than I take the charge of sayying our special “mrngs” [T&C apply if there are lectures] otherwise it would be “good mrngs”  and similarly mane ungh na aave if we don’t talk Ratre….. etle pachi we do our multi tasking with or without study :P

                When ever m angry or mood okay na hoy you always take that charge to make sure its back on trek
Me loves that.. J m sure MIL and BIL they both have settled their mahabharat and will soon b executing ur b’day bash plan….

                Motivation and mental support which you give me almost everyday… is seriously priceless and the best thing, which keeps me going everyday… taru scholar valu schedule which specially motivates me to work even harder and don’t know how pan loko ne khabar padi jay chat thi khali k where my mind is roaming… isn’t it suprising…?

                Chal have bathu ahiya nai lakhto…. PRIVATE vato aapdi diary ma mention karish e tya thi vachi leje… ;)

Once again wish you a very happy b’day dear…. Have a great year ahead OFCOURSE WITH ME :P



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